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Ab Exercises At Gym

Strong abdominal muscles are important for aesthetics and overall health and stability for your core. This workout will challenge abs with various exercises that will help build strength. Doing ab exercises at gym has many physical benefits.

Before you begin, it’s important to warm up your core muscles with some light cardio or dynamic stretching. Remember also to stay hydrated and listen to your body throughout the workout.

An ab workout offers numerous benefits for your overall health and fitness. This article discusses benefits of AB exercise and 5 best Ab exercises to perform in the gym.

Incorporating an ab workout into your fitness routine can benefit your physical health, athletic performance, and overall well-being.

5 Best AB Exercises At Gym

1. Side-Plank Cable Row

Side-Plank Cable Row

The side plank is great for engaging lateral core stabilisers like the obliques. Also, it enables us to balance our muscles by working on each side in the opposite direction.

Although holding a plank has advantages on its own, adding dynamic motions will enhance those advantages. Try adding a heavier cable to boost the anti-rotary tension effect and difficulty.

Place a side plank position several feet away from a cable, and fasten a band. Start with a couple of sets of 8–12 repetitions, then raise the tension as necessary.

2. Plank Hold

One of the finest exercises for strengthening the core is the plank, an isometric exercise in which the muscle does not extend but remains static.

The plank requires engagement from the entire body to ensure the correct position can be held for the set time.

To progress the plank, you can increase the time you hold the position, lift one foot in the air or add weight to increase resistance.

3. V-sits

Start by laying on your back, resting on the floor, with your feet and arms stretched away.

As you lift your legs to your chest, sit up straight and touch your heels.

Lift your legs and arms above your hips or stomach, creating a V-shape with your body.

Lower yourself down as your legs straight back to the floor. Sit up again to start another rep.

4. Dumbbell Side Bend

Stand up straight with your right hand supporting your waist and your left hand carrying a dumbbell. This will be where you start.

Bend as far to the right at the waist as you can while maintaining a straight back and a raised head. Inhale as you slant your body to the side.

As you inhale, hold briefly before returning to the beginning position.

Repeat the motion now, but this time bend to the left. Before going back to your starting location, pause for a little period of time.

Benefits Of Dumbbell Side Bend

  • Core Strength
  • Easy Core Exercise
  • Spinal Mobility

5. Hanging Leg Raise

Hanging Leg Raise

Grip a pull-up bar tightly with your hands shoulder-width apart, using a pronated grip. Your thumb should encircle the bar from underneath. To keep your body steady, keep your feet close together and contract your core.

Exhale, and slowly raise your ups, keeping them straight with toes pointed, until they’re at a 90 degrees angle.

Inhale, and slowly lower your legs until you return to the starting position. Even at the bottom of the movement, keep the posterior pelvic tilt. Keep your core engaged.

As many times as you like, repeat this. See the suggested sets and reps for each level in the section below.

4 Benefits of Ab exercise

Reduces Back Pain

The endurance of the back muscles is increased by abdominal strength, making them less susceptible to injury or strain. The mid and lower back muscles are held in place by your abs. If your abs are weak, the back muscles must work harder to support your centre.

Improves Sports Performance

Many sports activities require balance, stability and core strength. Abdominal workouts target these muscles and thus provide you with core strength whilst performing the activity.

These workouts enable players to transfer energy and increase their performance and scores.

Improve Your Posture

The spine experiences the least wear and tear with the least compression during the ideal posture.

Your pelvis leaning forward leads to excessive spinal curvature and poor posture. Strengthening the core will correct bad posture by distributing weight evenly throughout the body.

Reduce Body Fat

Exercise for the abdomen can help reduce body fat, a factor in many lifestyle disorders, including diabetes and obesity. Increasing muscle mass in the abdominal region increases body metabolism, and more fats are burned.

Try the above Ab Exercises At Gym and get your dream athletic body. If you want help maintaining your body, a Fitness Fit professional is here to help. Contact us on 03 9486 8885.

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