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Best tips to building strength using lightweights

Lightweight baby !!! building strength

There’s a misconception out there that the best way to build strength is through lifting heavy weights. This idea couldn’t be further from the truth. Research now shows that lifting lighter can be just as effective at building strength and increasing your overall fitness than using heavier weights. 

Of course, if you’re an experienced weight lifter, it doesn’t mean you should start using baby weights and change your entire strategy. What we’re referring to is a different view on how to achieve great results without going too hard on the weights.


Do more sets

Incorporating lighter weights and doing more sets is a great way to feel the burn and increase your overall strength and stamina. The more tension you feel during each set is a good sign that you’re doing it right. 

It’s not how many reps you do; the true strength lies in how many sets you can get through without giving up. Push yourself to the limit everytime- and watch your strength go through the roof. Aim for sets that last between 1-2 minutes for maximum gain.

Focus on the muscle you’re working on

It’s important to challenge the muscles you’re working on by practicing intent. Everytime you lift, get into the habit of squeezing the target muscle as hard as you can. Don’t just lift for the sake of lifting. 

If there’s no intensity there, you might as well be lifting a straw. Lighter weights can yield amazing results if you understand the basics and how to perfect your form. Learn to slow the tempo down too.  By pausing for a few seconds with each repetition, you create deeper muscle tension that helps create stronger muscle growth over time. It’s that simple.

Change it up

Challenge your muscles as much as you can by changing the angle you’re working on with a particular machine or by utilising different weights for the same muscle group. This creates a different type of muscle momentum and simultaneously takes your strength to another level. Be careful when changing techniques. If you’re starting on something new, always make sure to use lighter weights at all times. Build up slowly.

Recovery time is vital

As a general rule, using lighter weights is easier to recover from. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easier though.  Not only is it safer to train this way, it puts less stress on the body and joints over time. Recovery is also a vital part of any exercise regime so in using lighter weights, you simultaneously improve your strength, stamina and overall wellbeing as a whole.

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As you can see, to achieve ongoing results and building strength, it’s not really necessary to lift heavier weights. With the right combination of exercises, technique and commitment, you can build solid strength in less than a few months. If you’re keen to get started on a similar program, speak to Fitness Fit about our customised training solutions and get on board with a personal trainer today. We’ll help you reach your fitness goals faster. You need a good diet for muscle building.

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