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Benefits Of Lean Bulk | Different Exercise For Lean Bulk

A lean bulk is one in which you aim to grow as much muscle as possible while gaining as little fat as possible. The goal is to increase caloric intake to enhance muscular growth.

Lean bulk is one of the most effective strategies to bulk. In contrast to a traditional dirty bulk, a lean bulk focuses on maintaining a reasonably lean physique while bulking.

Benefits of a lean bulk

You have more flexibility.

Your joints will be less strained, and your body will be more flexible if you have less body fat and more lean muscle.

This is advantageous for both in and out of the gym, and it can have a favourable impact on your daily life.

More freedom with training

If you want to gain muscle mass and generate bulky muscle, your exercise options are limited because you can only really focus on strength training.

If you have a lean body type, you can focus on muscle building and other types of training, such as body weight circuits and plyometric training.

Heart health

By gradually increasing the difficulty of your workout, you can enhance your cardiovascular health, which will boost your aerobic metabolism and improve your fat-burning capacities.

This will help you maintain a good body fat percentage while increasing your thermic capacity.

Exercise that can help you get lean bulk

Bench press

  • Begin by lying flat on your back, in a natural and relaxed position.
  • Bend your elbows bring your hands up to touch the bar, your arms straight out to either side of you.
  • Lift the bar and steadily lower it just above your sternum before exploding upward for one rep.
  • Warm-up with just the bar weight before moving on to heavy lifting.
  • When lifting a heavyweight, always have a spotter on hand to assist you.

Stiff Leg Deadlift

  • Close your distance from the bar to around the middle of your foot. Maintain a shoulder-width distance between your feet.
  • Inhale and grab the bar while leaning forward with only a tiny bend in your knees.
  • Lift the bar, hold your breath and slightly brace your core.
  • Pull the bar close to your body until you achieve a standing position with a straight back.
  • Maintain control as you lower the bar to the ground, keeping your legs straight.

Bent-over row

  • With a pronated grip, hold a barbell. Shoulder-width distance between your feet is ideal.
  • Your back should be completely straight and parallel to the ground.
  • Keep your elbows tucked in and close to your body as you lift the barbell towards your sternum.
  • Squeeze your back muscles as you pause and hold at the top of the exercise.
  • Return the barbell to its starting position slowly.

Leg Curl

  • Set your weight and situate yourself on the leg curl machine while lying down.
  • Make your legs straight by stretching them out.
  • Grasp the machine’s grips on either side.
  • Pull your calves up towards your glutes while inhaling and flexing your knees.
  • Before you begin the fall, take a breath and exhale.
  • Inhale once again as you gently lower your legs back down, keeping control.

What is the difference between a clean bulk and a dirty bulk?

Clean bulking

Clean bulking  strives to prioritise “eating clean.” This indicates that people should eat complete, nutrient-dense foods that don’t contain extra calories from sugars or fats.

When using a Clean Bulk method, there are a few basic concepts to keep in mind that include

Foods to target :

Chicken, fish, eggs, potatoes, quinoa, bananas, Nuts, seeds, olives, avocados, some cheese.

Foods to avoid:

Food contains added sugars, added fats and processed foods.

Ideal calorie surplus:

According to some studies, the ideal calorie excess is between 300 and 500 calories per day.

Dirty bulking

Dirty bulking is a diet in which an individual consumes calories in any way possible. It usually consists of various junk items such as ice cream, pizza, and fast food.

The goal is to consume as much food as possible. On a dirty bulk, gaining weight is not a problem; however, the weight gained will most likely be in the form of body fat.

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