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Upper Body Cardio Exercise

Upper-body cardio exercise is a huge component of overall health and preventative care. But many people need help taking the first step to getting started. Upper-body cardio exercises are great for strength and improve balance, stability and flexibility.

The upper body refers to arms, forearms, shoulders, chest and hands.
When we are talking about upper body cardio exercises, Mountain Climbers and Chest Press is a common type of these exercises.

This article explains the different upper-body cardio exercises and how they will benefit their overall health. In addition, each upper-body exercise includes whole-body movements that help to elevate your heart rate.

Benefits of upper body cardio exercises

4-hour gym at Finessfit Northcote, upper body exercise

Regular upper body exercise has many beneficial health effects :

  • Upper body exercise improved muscle mass means better bone density reduces the risk of diabetes, and regulates your blood sugar.
  • It will get your blood pumping and keeps the heart healthy.
  • Good upper body strength can help you to perform many daily tasks efficiently.
  • A strong upper body can ripple effects throughout your workout and physical activities.
  • A well-developed upper body musculature will help you increase your resting metabolism so the body burns more calories at rest. It contributes to a healthy weight.
  • Upper-body cardiovascular exercise increases your heart rate to supply oxygen to the muscles, strengthens the immune system, and improves sleep.

Upper body cardio exercise at the gym :


The burpees exercise is one of the most intense exercises that challenge almost all the muscle groups in your body.

A burpee is a two-part exercise: a pushup followed by a leap in the air; you fall down and then stand up. Repeat until the set is complete. This exercises can also helps to improve your mobility

Jumping jack

Outdoor group fitness class doing jumping jacks.

Jumping Jack is an aerobic cardio exercise that is great for upper-body cardio; it is a powerful way to stimulate all the vital muscles of your body.

Jumping jack helps full-body activity used in cardio and warm-up sessions. It can perform in a limited space.


Push up are the best exercise for the upper body and can help build muscle tone and strength, it also improves cardiovascular health.

The pushup is an excellent practice for endurance training; pushups include strengthening a wide range of muscles and raising your metabolism to burn fat.

Pushups can also help with that elusive six-pack if you do them correctly. Push up helps to build upper body strength.

Plank row

Plank workout at Fitness enthusiasts at Northcote's 24-hour gym.

The plank works out many muscles in your body, making them appealing for all training – strength, endurance and cardio.

Plank row exercise can perform two types:
The first is achieved by performing a row with a set of dumbbells from the plank pose. The second, a plank rower, is an incredible cardio machine because you get the heart rate pumping fast and simultaneously strengthen your back muscles.

Tips for a Safe and Effective Upper Body Cardio Workout

The main risk associated with upper body exercises is overexertion. This can guide muscle and tendon strains, sprains, tears, and other injuries.

Here are some tips for a safe and effective upper-body cardio workout.

  • Breathe out while working against resistance by lifting, pushing or pulling; inhale when free.
  • Hold your difficult muscles by slowly increasing your weight or resistance.
  • Give the muscles time. Force training causes tiny tears in the muscle tissue. Warm-up and cool down.

If you’re looking for a routine workout for cardio, upper-body exercise will work your muscles’ strength and get the heart pumping; this upper-body cardio workout might be the one for you.

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